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Finding Private Lender - REITC 6-8-10

How To Find Private Money
Finding Private Money - REITC Meeting - 6-8-10
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How To Find Private Money
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Your About to Discover How
To Get All The Money You'll
Ever Need For Your Real Estate
Deals From Private Lenders"

....Without Ever Filling Out A Loan Application,
Qualifying, Having Your Credit Pulled, Verifying
Your Income or Employment.

This was a great meeting.  You can start finding private money right away after listing to Alex Gurevich's presentation.  His techniques are cutting edge.

Private Money Secrets Revealed

Are you looking for ways to get financing for your next deal?  stacked_money

Is your bank not lending money for investment deals?

Or better yet, are they asking you to put down 20%-30% or more.

Has your hard money lender run out of money  or gone out of business?

Are they charging you too many points or better yet, do they require you
to get them cashed out within 6-12 months or less.

These can all be potential problems to closing your first or your next deal.

Alex came to Dallas all the way from Austin, TX  to share this powerful information.

Download and listen to this mp3 with Alex Gurevich to learn this powerful, real world information.

alex_gurevichAlex Gurevich is a 19 years veteran of real estate investing who lives in Austin, Texas. He is still an active real estate investor and owns a portfolio of investment properties.

Over his 19 years as a real estate investor Alex has participated in numerous real estate transactions as a principal and accumulated significant experience in the field.

Alex has purchased single family homes and small apartment properties through a variety of approaches and strategies:

•    From banks’ REO (real estate owned, aka repossessed properties)
•    From government auctions
•    From foreclosure courthouse steps auctions
•    From homeowners in foreclosure
•    From estates
•    From guardianships
•    From owners in tax foreclosure
•    From Realtors’ MLS
•    From For Sale By Owner sellers
•    By discounting liens and judgments
•    From owners by taking over payments on existing loans
•    From owners with owner financing terms
•    By using cash from private lenders
•    By using commercial lines of credit and conventional financing

Alex sold properties through both – traditional channels, such as listing with Realtors, by selling directly to homebuyers through a variety of innovative buyer incentive programs, as well as through a number of creative financing techniques, lease/options, owner financing, etc.

Order Now
How To Find Private Money
Regular $39 Now only $10

He has also managed over 150 tenants in his own properties.

Most notable, Alex has raised 7 figures in cash financing from private parties to fund his real estate purchases.

Alex's Students Speak Out:

"I just had lunch with a private lender that will loan me money as second mortgages on my properties that I bought using the subject-to technique. Also he will pay me $5,000 to handle any deal that I would partner with him and he supplies all the funds.
He has 2 million in T-bills..." 
-Peter Rzepka, Las Vegas, NV

"I have been impressed with Alex's stuff and have most recently been through his Private Lender's course. I use private lenders often and still learned a great deal from Alex and his approaches. All of Alex's info is straight forward, hard hitting material. I really like the relationship building aspects of the Private Lenders course! I think it’s a big key to success and your ideas and thoughts on the relationships really helped me focus and build & nurture my lending relationships!"
- Don Renfro, San Diego, CA

"I wanted to let you know that I have finished listening to your Private Lending materials and have begun the process of pulling together my circle of influence for contact as well as researching the mailing lists of “affluent” people in my market. You’ve compiled some great information and it will really serve me well. I’ve already had two people commit to a total of $100,000 just by using the terms “safe,” “predictable,” and “secure” with first and second mortgages tied to real estate. Oh Yeah, the 10% to 12% returns I promised kind of got their attention as well. Thanks for all your efforts on behalf of Real Estate Education. I look forward to hearing from you."
-Tom Dalton, Dalton Financial Services.

"Hello Alex,
I just wanted to let you know that the private money material is fantastic! I did my research and in less than an hour found 9 local private lenders that have recently lent out over $1,654,000.00 of private money loans to other investors.

That was not a type-o!... $1,654,000.00!

I sent the letters to them that you provided and in two days, one that has lent out more than $410,000.00 called me while I was at work and left a message. He stated he would love to do business with me and to contact him for whatever I need! I was blown away! Totally blown away. I'm in shock!
I called him and he said he would fund 100% of any good deals I can find! I was amazed at how easy it is! The course is easy to follow, extremely affordable and well worth the money.
Knowledge is everything!
I’m now going to do more research and find even more private lenders in my area! Also I will send follow up letters to the other 8 lender that I already have found!"
- Paul Camacho, Walden, NY

Order Now
How To Find Private Money
Regular $39 Now only $10
Last Updated on Sunday, 13 June 2010 20:59
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