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Finding Private Lender - REITC 6-8-10

How To Find Private Money
Join REITC Today!

Whether you are just starting out in real estate investing, or you're working on your 100th or 1,000th deal, the Real Estate Investors Training Club (REITC) can help you learn more, make more, and have more fun doing it.


You Get:

  • Access to Monthly Meetings
  • Newsletters
  • Basic Forms
  • Un-Announced Bonuses
  • Invitation To Cash Flow Game Tournaments.

$29.97 Monthly / $129.97 Annually (Annual Members Save 55% Off)
– 14 Day FREE Trial + 3.95 Shipping & Handling.

You Get: SILVER +

  • Advanced Forms
  • Private Monthly Call In Days
  • Digital Recording of Every Monthly Meeting Plus 2 Prior Months
  • Bonus Audios Access To Preferred Vendors & Deals
  • Free Advertising of Properties on Househub.com and YourCreditIsOk.com
  • 10% Discount Off Coaching, Workshops and Products.

Monthly / $259.97 Annually
(Annual Members Save 55% Off)
– 14 Day FREE Trial + 3.95 Shipping & Handling.
You Get: GOLD +

  • Private Specialized Training Calls & Audio Recordings
  • CD Audio Recording of Every Monthly Meeting plus 4 prior months
  • Invitation to Quarterly Mastermind Power Luncheons
  • Special Platinum Level Call In Days
  • Free Advertising of Properties on Househub.com and YourCreditIsOk.com
  • 17% Discount Off Coaching, Workshops and Products.
  • (BEST VALUE!!)

Corporate Memberships: Call or send email for application.

Office: 972-642-6600, Email: membership @ reitc.com (remove spaces)

- Join Now! -

You have found the right place to learn how to make money in Real Estate.

  • Learn how to become financially independent through Real Estate
  • Find the secrets of those who have successfully made their fortunes via Real Estate Investing
  • Maximize your profits in the affordable housing rental market
  • Discover how to protect your wealth once you attain it
  • Explore the many possibilities that Real Estate Investing offers when it comes to tax strategies that will make you wealthy.
  • OPM - Learn how to use Other People's Money to accumulate a fortune over time
  • Avoid the many pitfalls that typical "landlords" fall into when they don't have the knowledge to profit from opportunities disguised as problems

Are You Ready To Join REITC?
Its Easy To Do and Joining Can Really Jump Start Your Real Estate Career!

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What is REITC?
It is a group of real estate investors from throughout Texas who meet on a regular basis to share information, leads and contacts, and to help each other learn more about real estate investing. With an ever growing membership, REITC is the association for Texas' brightest and most successful real estate investors.

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Benefits Of Being an Annual REITC Club Member

  • Attend monthly general meetings FREE!
  • Attend our all day workshops
  • Receive FREE and/or reduced admission to various Real Estate Association events and workshops.
  • Have a network of investors to share ideas, experiences and to do business with.
  • Become a Vendor Member and advertise your product or service to others investors.
  • List your services in the REITC Directory - coming soon!
  • Online Forum

Members of REITC receive tons of valuable benefits. Along with the numerous events, workshops, and meetings that foster networking and deal making with fellow investors.

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Why should I join REITC?
Being a member of REITC is all about education and learning from each other and the experts.  REITC is dedicated to bring in only the best national and local educational speakers in order to keep us informed on up-to-date real estate investing innovations, laws and techniques.

In addition, where else can you network with "hands on" investors that are willing to share their knowledge and experience? If you are considering the world of real estate investing, you owe it to yourself to become a member of REITC today.

What if I don't have any real estate experience?
Not a problem because there are many REITC members who are new to real estate investing. No doubt you will discover that other members share your interest and desire to learn how to become a successful real estate investor. To meet your needs, REITC offers a diverse schedule of events tailored to the educational needs of the beginning investor as well as the seasoned pro. Also, you will find out that many of the experienced investors are eager to offer advice and insight to further assist you on the road to success.

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Pro Investors Find A Home At REITC
From tracking down the right information on complex real estate issues to providing networking opportunities with some of the most successful investors in the region, the REITC Club has plenty to offer the seasoned veteran. Come join us as our guest for your 1st meeting and find out for yourself why so many smart investors turn to REITC for information on how to make more in real estate investing. As one member put it, "The REITC Club taught me that knowledge isn't just power----it's profit!"

Your investment of your time and your energy learning about HOW to become successful in Real Estate - is the single greatest investment you can make. Invest in yourself and receive from 10 times to 100 times return on your investment.

If you think an education is expensive - see how expensive it is without one!

Join the Real Estate Investor's Training Club and begin receiving the monthly benefits, immediately.

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Our Code of Ethics

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