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Finding Private Lender - REITC 6-8-10

How To Find Private Money
A Word from the President
Everybody Does It... (procrastination)

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Eddie here with your 'QUICK NOTE' for the week...

Be sure to watch the Video at the end, Because it's very surpising...

We all run from our desires sometimes. We find ourselves procrastinating on the simplest things just because it's a little uncomfortable.

The truth is we can write down goals all day long.....

  • Example: You write down a recipe for a cake, organize it, put it in order i.e. wet ingredients, dry ingredients, etc, then bake it.

Many of us write down the recipe, but that's it.  The idea of this delicious cake tickles our brain.  We can imagine what it tastes like.  We are excited about one day making this cake and we can even envision ourselves eating the cake.
However, the problem is not in our imagination, but it's in the execution of the plan.  It requires ACTION!

The reality is we PROCRASTINATE! Statistics show that procrastination affects over 20% of the population; So you're not alone (actually I was surprised by this low number!)

So, what causes us to procrastinate... Psychologists have brought it down to its simplest form: The number one cause is...

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Landlording Tips - Pillar I

Here is your Landlording Tip brought to you by The Real Estate Investors Training Club.

I was first introduced to the world of landlording at the tender age of 8 years old when I would go with my grand father to collect rents and do repairs to his tri-plex and duplex properties.

He taught me tons of tips and tricks that I would later use in my own property management business when I started investing about 20 years later.

As a rental property investor today you have to stay on top of 3 Pillars in order to be Profitable.

Here are the 3 Pillars:

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When Should You Start an Eviction?

I'm often asked this question.  When should I start the eviction process?

Their's actually a two part answer to that question.

Part 1 - You should always start your eviction during...

The Magic Pill That Will Guarantee You A Great Life
 I finally found the magic pill.  I've heard about it (and searched for it) for over 30 years.  It's that one 'thing' that can make you wealthy, famous, independent or whatever else you want.

 I found it last week - last Wednesday at 2:15 PM to be precise.

 And no, this isn't a joke.  It's the real thing.  Here are the details.

 Last Wednesday I met a friend for lunch.  I've known this guy for years.  He's got tremendous talent, a great work ethic, a knockout of an IQ, drive, motivation, personality, marketing savvy and smarts - everything you would expect you need to be a huge success.

 But he's not successful.  By his own admission, he's broke...and he's floundering, with little hope in sight.  How can this be?

 We met for lunch at noon.  From noon until 2 PM we talked about each of our situations.

 Here he is with everything...and he's broke.

 Here I am with a lousy work ethic (I'd much rather be walking with my 4 dogs than working - and if I work more than two hours in a row I get cranky and whiny), a less than wonderful personality, talent greater than some, less than most, but I'm wealthy and free.  How can that possibly be?

 We finished lunch and were right in the middle of saying our good-byes when it hit me.  I know why I'm wealthy and free.  I know why over 98% of the people on this planet are not (and never will be) wealthy and free.

 I have the magic pill.  I have the secret ingredient.  I have that one thing more important and more valuable than all the others.  And it's just one word...

The Forum Is Open - First 25 To Post Win Big Prizes

It's finally here.  Your very own forum where you can post questions, get answers, find contractors, locate partners and help other investors.

Be sure to read the Forum Rules before posting, because we want everyone to have a good experience.

You can Win Amazing Prizes by simply... >> Read More >>

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